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This blog is coming back.


I’m in Ireland!  My family and I arrived last week for our stay here.  We’ll be here for 18 months or longer for my wife’s job.  Since I started Bothering Birds because all I was posting was bird photos, I felt that I really shouldn’t put family and fish out of water stuff there.  So I’ll be using this space to share our experiences of moving and adjusting to another country.  

So far, so good. Our flight over was fairly uneventful.  Our house is nice, our town is nice. We chose to live a bit out in the country and was lucky to find a place in Maynooth, Co. Kildare.  It’s 5 minutes from my wife’s workplace and, so far, fairly quiet. Our house is really close to the main street and shopping.  We can walk to the main street in 5 minutes.  There are also some universities in town, National Irish University being the largest.  So the mix of people is fairly nice.  We’re still sorting out schools for my daughter and I’m still adjusting to driving on the left side of the road.  
Since I last posted here, we spent 3 months in Portland Oregon, again for my wife’s work.  While there I had all of my photography equipment stolen from our van. I decided to replace my really good gear with a Canon point and shoot, which I’m not regretting.  It’s good for bright sunlight, and can fit in a big pocket.  But it’s not weatherproof and not good in the shade, which seems to be the norm here.  I may try and replace my 7D and 100-400mm lens with a Rebel and a 300mm f/4, but the prices here in Ireland are really prohibitive.  So basically, I’ll post photos as I can.

We haven’t really been to Dublin yet, we’ve been busy stocking the house and getting used to all of the odd little differences.  There are switches for everything, each outlet has a little on/off switch and everything else seems to be redundant.  There are no electrical outlets or switches in the bathrooms, I mean toilets, so that’s been odd too.  But the showers and actual toilets are awesome.  The Irish are really good at hot water and high pressure showers, a welcome change from New Mexico.  The coffee situation is poor though.  I can’t seem to find any beans, not that I have a grinder yet either.  But instant coffee seems to be the norm with finely ground stuff as the other option.  There are plenty of coffee shops around, but nothing great so far.  But the bread is awesome. The food in general is great.  I think it’s the EU, but there really isn’t crap in the food.  The ingredients are really basic and without extra food coloring or preservatives. The ingredients in a bottle of Coke are 2 lines long.  My wife wants to stay here for that reason alone. 

Okay, enough boring people with this stuff.  If you are interested in seeing what my family and I are doing over here in Ireland, then keep following.  I’ll try and post once a week or more.  If you want to see some fuzzy bird photos, then check out Bothering Birds.  



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