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2013 Field Guide Challenge Results


Back in January of 2013 I gave myself a challenge to see all of the birds in a small Field Guide that I had.  The name is “Birds of New Mexico Field Guide” by Stan Tekiela.  It’s a common book that is sold all over New Mexico in almost every book store or gift shop in almost every park or refuge.  I’m pretty sure that I got mine at the Rio Grande Nature Center.  It was far from resembling anything like a Big Year, it only has 145 species in it.  Although it is a bit padded by listing males and females of certain species on different pages.  The book is set-up by primary color of the bird, which is handy to beginner birders.

By the end of the year I had seen almost all of the birds, all but 7 of them.  But there is a bit of a caveat involved, six of the birds in the book I saw outside of New Mexico.  My biggest disappointment is that I failed to see a Cactus Wren in 2013.  And I spent lots of time, maybe 20 trips, specifically looking for one in New Mexico and in Arizona.  And I’m pretty sure that I saw 2 Verdin at Bosque del Apache, but I was never 100% certain, so I never counted them.  I did see their nests there, and got to see plenty in Arizona.  Scott’s Oriole was another one that I spent time looking for, and maybe saw one, but was never sure.   And I didn’t get many chances to look for American Dippers, but when I did I came up empty.  But 10 days into 2014 I saw one less than 10 miles from my house.  The other ones that I dipped on were Dusky Grouse, Lazuli Bunting, Common Poorwill and Painted Redstart.  All of those would be lifers for me too.

What I did manage to do was to photograph almost every bird that I did see, and here’s a link to a Flickr set with the photos of the birds that I have.  But let me say that this is my last post for Burgh to Burque.  Writing here has helped me out, I learned a lot, and even got to meet some people through it.  But since I’m bidding adieu to Albuquerque in just 3 weeks, I feel that the name and original intended theme no longer work.  So I’ve started a new blog, Bothering Birds, and I hope that you check it out and keep up with my further adventures in the Pacific Northwest and Europe there.







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