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New Mexico Guide Challenge Update


I’ve added a few new birds this past week to my NM challenge: Snowy Egret, Curve-Billed Thrasher, Burrowing Owl, Barn Swallow and Turkey Vulture.  This takes me to 72 birds out of the 145 on the list.  I went out last night to the Alameda Bosque hoping to see one of the Great Horned Owl nests and give me 73 birds, but I couldn’t find it.  I went about an hour before Sunset and the light wasn’t too good.  And on top of that a very pesky coyote showed up.  I passed a couple who were walking back from fishing and they saw the coyote first.  It wouldn’t leave and the man had to throw sticks at it to make it veer off.  So I ended up watching more for a weird coyote than owl nests.  But I did see a couple of Black Phoebes hunting in almost-dark, a porcupine sitting in a tree and my first bat of the year.
My plan is to really work it tomorrow by going to the bosque again first thing in the morning, then hitting the foothills and maybe the East side of Sandia Peak for waxwings, crossbills, finches and maybe a Lewis’ Woodpecker.  But I also need to get my Lambretta on the road and I’m hosting a shop night tomorrow night.

Here’s my master list (if there’s no location information, then I don’t have it yet):

bird pg where when
Brown-headed Cowbird 3
European Starling 5 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Phanopepla 7 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Spotted Towhee 9 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Red-winged Blackbird 11 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Brewer’s Blackbird 13
Yellow-Headed Blackbird 15
Common Grackle 17
American Coot 19 Tingley Beach 19-Jan
Great-Tailed Grackle 21 Rio Rancho 1-Jan
American Crow 23 Alameda Open Space 19-Jan
Chihuahuan Raven 25
Common Raven 27 Rio Rancho 1-Jan
Turkey Vulture 29 Rio Grande Nature Center 30-Mar
Downy Woodpecker 31 Tingley Beach 7-Feb
Painted Redstart 33
White-Throated Swift 35
Black Phoebe 37 Rio Grande Nature Center 30-Mar
Ladder-Backed Woodpecker 39
Red-Naped Sapsucker 41
Hairy Woodpecker 43 CoRio Ranchoales Bosque 23-Feb
Black-Necked Stilt 45
Lesser Scaup 47 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
Ring-Necked Duck 49 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
American Avocet 51
Common Goldeneye 53 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
Black-billed Magpie 55
Black-Crowned Night Heron 57 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
Bald Eagle 59 Alameda Open Space 19-Jan
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher 61
Indigo Bunting 63
Lazuli Bunting 65
Tree Swallow 67
Barn Swallow 69 Los Ranchos 30-Mar
Blue Grosbeak 71
Western Bluebird 73 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Mountain Bluebird 75
Western Scrub-Jay 77 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Pinyon Jay 79
Steller’s Jay 81
Belted Kingfisher 83 Alameda Open Space 25-Jan
House Wren 85
Pine Siskin 87
Chipping Sparrow 91
Song Sparrow 93 Tingley Beach 7-Feb
Cliff Swallow 101
Bewick’s Wren 103 Rio Grande Nature Center 30-Mar
Canyon Wren 105
Rock Wren 107
House Sparrow 109 Alameda Open Space 19-Jan
Lark Sparrow 113
White-throated Sparrow 115 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
White-Crowned Sparrow 117 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Fox Sparrow 119 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Horned Lark 123 Moriarity 12-Jan
Bohemian Waxwing 124
Cedar Waxwing 125
Common Poorwill 129
Spotted Sandpiper 131
Black-headed Grosbeak 133
Cactus Wren 135
Canyon Towhee 141 Embudito Canyon 23-Jan
Common Nighthawk 143
Burrowing Owl 145 Westside Albuquerque 2-Apr
american Kestrel 149 Moriarity 12-Jan
Killdeer 151 Westside Albuquerque 2-Apr
Northern Flicker 153 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Mourning Dove 155 Rio Rancho 1-Jan
Pied-Billed Grebe 157 Tingley Beach 19-Jan
Blue-Winged Teal 161
Northern Pintail 175 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Red-Tailed Hawk 183 Moriarity 12-Jan
Swainson’s Hawk 185
Rough-Legged Hawk 187 Moriarity 12-Jan
Ferruginous Hawk 189 Moriarity 12-Jan
Greater Roadrunner 191 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Great Horned Owl 193
Ring-Necked Pheasant 195 Rio Grande Nature Center 7-Mar
Golden Eagle 197
Wild Turkey 199
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet 201 Rio Grande Nature Center 30-Mar
Pygmy Nuthatch 203
Red-Breasted Nuthatch 205
Verdin 207
Mountain Chickadee 209
Dak-eyed Junco 211 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
White-Breasted Nuthatch 213 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Yellow-Rumped Warbler 215 Tingley Beach 7-Feb
Juniper Titmouse 217
Western Wood Peewee 221
Say’s Phoebe 223 Rio Rancho 5-Jan
American Dipper 225
Inca Dove 227
Eastern Kingbird 231
Townsend’s Solitaire 233
Sage Thrasher 235
Western Screech Owl 237 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Loggerhead Shrike 239 Moriarity 12-Jan
PyRio Ranchohuloxia 241
American Robin 243 Alameda Open Space 19-Jan
Northern Mockingbird 245
Gambel’s Quail 247 CoRio Ranchoales 3-Apr
Scaled Quail 249
Curve-Billed Thrasher 251 Westside Albuquerque 2-Apr
White-Winged Dove 253 Rio Rancho 1-Jan
Gray Jay 255
Clark’s Nutcracker 257
Sharp-Shinned Hawk 259 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Rock Pigeon 261 Rio Rancho 1-Jan
Gadwall 263 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Cooper’s Hawk 263 Rio Rancho 19-Jan
Northern Harrier 265 Rio Rancho 19-Jan
Dusky Grouse 267
Canada Goose 271 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
Sandhill Crane 273 Los Ranchos 17-Jan
Great Blue Heron 275 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Black-Chinned Hummingbird 277
Broad-Tailed Hummingbird 279
Violet-Green Swallow 281
Green-Tailed Towhee 283
Lewis’ Woodpecker 285
Mallard 287 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
Northern Shoveler 289 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
Common Merganser 291 Alameda Open Space 19-Jan
Rufous Hummingbird 293
Bullock’s Oriole 295
House Finch 299 Rio Rancho 1-Jan
Vermillion Flycatcher 301
Cassin’s Finch 303
Red Crossbill 305
Redhead Duck 307 Tingley Beach 17-Jan
Ring-Billed Gull 311 CoRio Ranchoales Bosque 11-Feb
Snowy Egret 313 Rio Grande Nature Center 30-Mar
Ross’s Goose 315 Rio Grande Nature Center 27-Mar
Snow Goose 315 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Lesser Goldfinch 317 ABQ Botanical Gardens 17-Feb
American Goldfinch 319 Bosque Del Apache 24-Jan
Common Yellowthroat 321
Orange-Crowned Warbler 323
Yellow Warbler 325
Blue-Winged Teal 329
Evening Grosbeak 331
Scott’s Oriole 335
Western Kingbird 337
Western Meadowlark 339 Moriarity 12-Jan

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