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Weekend Review


Some quick photos from the last few days.  There was some excitement in Albuquerque last week when a Mute Swan was seen in the Rio Grande, it even made the front page news of the local paper on Tuesday.  And then a second one was released by a rehab center near it so there were 2 out there.  I finally got a chance to go see them on Thursday evening.


    And then I found out that they were actually offspring of some domestic birds that hadn’t had their wings clipped and flew off.  But I did get to see a nice sunset on the snow covered Sandias from the river bank.


    Today I met some friends at the Corrales Bosque for some birding.  I finally got to see a Hairy Woodpecker, which is one of the birds that I needed for my NM Guide challenge.  It was nice enough to be in the same tree as a Downy Woodpecker, so identification was really easy.  The Hairy was clearly twice as large as the Downy, although they had similar coloration.  I was also hoping to see some Cedar Waxwings, but no dice.  Other good birds were a Green-winged Teal and maybe a Pygmy Nuthatch.  I did see a porcupine up a tree.

Hairy Woodpecker, Corrales NM

Hairy Woodpecker, Corrales NM


Say’s Phoebe, Corrales NM


Green-winged Teal


Possible Pygmy Nuthatch. No good photo of the head, but lots of grey underparts.


Urban Oasis: Canada Geese, Ring-necked Ducks and a Canvasback, Corrales NM


Yellow-rumped Warbler, Corrales NM


Hermit Thrush, Rio Grande River Corrales NM


Porcupine, Corrales NM

I also got to see some of the fire damage from the Bosque fire last year.


So, one bird to add to the challenge and a really nice morning in the trees.

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  1. Great capture of that Green-winged Teal’s head, and super atmospheric shot of that Hermit Thrush, Steve!

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