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What is a Friday


Since I stopped working at a job, and started being a full-time dad, days of the week are a jumble.  I only know days that my wife works or days that she is off.  And those are 12 hour days, so it’s basically me and the little one all day.  So I don’t really care that it’s Friday, but I thought that I’d make an update.

We looked at a house today that we really liked. It is one of the largest that we’ve seen and one of the cheaper ones.  Going by $/square foot, it’s a steal.  The bad thing is that whoever had it last left it a dump.  There is actually household junk throughout and the back yard is full of dogshit.  But it is on a cul-de-sac and less than a quarter mile from a park.  We decided to put a bid in on it, although we are looking at lots of money for new carpeting, finishing the back yard and new paint.  But it’s definitely a place to want.  We’re still waiting to hear from the house that we really, really want, but it doesn’t look good.  The amount of empty houses and the time involved is baffling.  I’m not sure why the banks are not knocking themselves out trying to get people into these houses.  And they are still building more!

Which brings me to our apartment and one of our neighbors.  A few weeks ago my wife assured me that I wasn’t hearing things when I heard someone pounding on the adjoining wall to our daughter’s bedroom.  Apparently the person over there does not like to hear our kid complain about being changed or going to bed.  She’s 14 months old, she doesn’t know how to express herself that many ways, nor is she quick on listening to reason.  But we have done a lot to accommodate this person.  We moved her crib away from the wall and we’ll change her on the floor instead of her changing table most of the time.  But her room is tiny and there isn’t lots of room to do anything else with it.  She does need some place to play.  But tonight while we were putting the little one to sleep that neighbor decided to come over and introduce herself.  And by introducing herself I mean stomp up our stairs and proceed to yell at me over and over again.  The lady is clearly a pain in the ass.  She supposedly has a 7 month old son and is 5 months pregnant, and she is on bed rest.  I think that my daughter is the least of her worries.  But I explained that my daughter doesn’t like to do certain things and that I refuse to yell or hit her to make her listen.  We have also started using a pacifier more to keep her quiet, but she gets really bad excema around her mouth from it.  And I mentioned that.  I also mentioned that my daughter does not cry all night, she does not cry for long periods of time, it is seriously a minute, she gets used to being on the changing table or I’m making her laugh and all is good.  We also let her cry herself to sleep, but she takes one nap during the day.  I said that there is plenty of loud things in this apartment complex that makes noise and my kid is the least of it, she had different thoughts though.  Basically she wants us to take her out of the smaller bedroom and put her… somewhere else.  We have 3 rooms in our place, not 3 bedrooms, but 3 rooms.  The neighbor sounds like a cosleeper which we refuse to do.  Oh well, I feel that we are in the right and coming over at 8:30 on a Friday night screaming at me and insulting me are not the best way to make a good first impression.  She said that she was going to file a complaint with security and I said go right ahead, and that I’ll be right behind her for pounding on her wall.  She can help that, my daughter cannot.

ok, so what else.  My wife is finally finishing up her thesis which means that I can have some time to myself.  I’m riding my Lambretta to a birding hike tomorrow morning at the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park Esquire.  Big name for a really nice, quiet place in the city with lots of animals.  You can see some pics from there on my flickr page here:

Afterwards I’m going to ride the scooter some more and put some miles on it.  It is a 1974 Lambretta with 157 original miles on it.  It is a ratty looking POS, but I love it.  Sunday is maybe a trip to see some volcanoes, or maybe the botanical gardens and then another scooter ride with some locals in the PM.  And then Monday is really just another day with less wife around.



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